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There are many types of pain you might experience after a car accident.

  Back Pain: Your back is the most complex bone structure in your body, full of nerves and micro joints, which means there is more that can go wrong here that almost anywhere else in the body.

Chest Pain and Sternum Pain: Dull Aching? Shooting? or Intermittent?  Find out what types of Chest Pain you might experience and what to do about them.

Knee Pain and Shoulder Pain: Joints are particularly susceptible to injuries that have long repercussions.  Find out what types of injuries are common to knees and shoulders.

Neck Pain: Having neck pain after a car accident can be, well…a real pain in the neck!  Whiplash?  Pinched Nerve?  We have you covered.

Stomach Pain: Stomach pains following a car accident can be very concerning.  They can range from mild muscle strains to sharp pains from internal injuries.  Learn more!

Pelvic Pain: A large number of cases of pelvic injury result from traffic crashes. Find out what types of injuries can result in Pelvic Pain, and what you can do about them.